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  • Writer's pictureDimitra Rougalas

It's always so fun photoshooting with this amazing personality . Exploring nature with Noemie :)

  • Writer's pictureDimitra Rougalas

Okayyyy so this photoshoot is kinda interesting :)

I met this girl online on 2013 when i was still in Greece .It was kinda hard to photoshoot with her back then because she was located in Bratislava(Slovakia). I kept her info . The years passed , i moved in Montreal. On 2019 i saw her instagram story eating in a restaurant next to my house !!!!!!! I mean what are the chances?!?!

Faith brought us together and we finally had this amazing photoshoot !!!! I hope i'll work again with Natalia , she is one of the best models i've worked with <3

  • Writer's pictureDimitra Rougalas

March 8 is observed as International Women's Day (IWD) all over the world, and the month of March is observed as Women's History Month. This day is a celebration in some parts of the world where women and womanhood are commemorated, while in others it is a day of protest with women taking to the streets or otherwise and protesting for equal rights, in some other countries the day is ignored altogether. However, you can make the women in your life feel special by giving them gifts and wishing them on this day.

Beautiful Marie-Lou ready to deliver her second baby , enjoy the photos :)

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